I would suggest you to go through the topics in the sequence shown below –

  1. Sources of power Dissipation in VLSI circuits
    • Static power
    • Dynamic power – switching power and short circuit power
  2. Few common power management techniques
    • Multi Vth design
    • Bus encoding – Redundant and Non-redundant
    • Hardware software tradeoff
    • Multi Vdd design – SVS, DVFS
    • Clock gating
    • Power gating
  3. Isolation cells and Level shifter cells used in multi-power domain and multi-voltage domain designs
    • Why do we need isolation cells and clamping concept in isolation
    • Why do we need retention cells and its types
  4. Retention cells used in power gated domains.
    • Why do we need retention cell
    • Master/slave alive retention flop
  5. Few important UPF command syntax.
    • create_power_switch
    • set_isolation
    • set_isolation_control
    • set_level_shifter
    • set_retention
    • set_retention_control
    • add_port_state
    • create_pst
    • add_pst_state
  6. How to write UPF for a given power intent.

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